Our unique, eco-friendly designed space has state of the art climate control, filtered water, spacious locker rooms complete with showers, hair dryers and various supplies for your convenience. 


The Studio

Fresh Air


To date, B-1 Yoga is the only studio in the state of Iowa to have consulted with Chad Clark of Hot Yoga Studio Design.  This eco-friendly design ensures an oxygen rich space that reduces potential sickness from doing yoga in a warm confined room.  The studio is customized with the proper mechanicals that deliver a steady flow of heat (between 95 and 110 degrees), humidity (between 35-45%) and fresh air into the 675 square foot studio space.  In addition to the fresh cycling air in the room, air passes over an ultraviolet light killing 99.98% of all harmful bacteria and other airborne particles like mold, mildew, viruses, VOCS and other airborne pollutants.  Your space is always fresh, clean and ready for the next class.  


Environmentally Conscious


When renovating the building at 185 Main Street, we took into consideration the proper heated environment would require energy.   To reduce our carbon footprint, the walls, ceiling and floors are insulated with an R-value of 40 to prevent heat loss and reduces overall BTW usage.  To achieve this, we used 4.5 inches of spray foam around the walls and ceiling and batted insulation under the floors/basement ceiling.   The gas furnace and humidifier reside in the basement of the studio space to allow for a short travel distance into the studio room.  The ductwork around the furnace and up is also insulated.  The air is moving in a controlled and efficient manner from the furnace into the space and around. 


The separate systems between the rooms allow the studio to be a hot environment and the rest of the studio to be at a cooler temperature.  We are not heating space that is not meant to be heated, providing a comfortable pre and post yoga experience.  The room is always warm and cozy and ready for your hot yoga workout.       


Clean Water


Before, during and after a hot yoga class, hydration is a key component to achieving optimal physical results.  During class you are removing toxins and clean water will help you further detoxify your body hours after you leave your practice.  We believe that making sure you have the best water is as important to healing and rebuilding your body as your yoga practice. 


For best results we have installed a water filter that ensures the water you are drinking at the studio is free of all chlorine, chloramine, nitrates, fluoride and a long list of other harmful pollutants.  At the same time, this unique filter ensures the trace minerals like sea salt, cell salts and potassium glutamate that your body needs to become pH neutral or alkaline remains.   


Learn more about this water filtration system.