Jami Meakins


Jami Meakins is a dedicated yogi at B-1 Yoga Studio.  She was invited by friends to come try a hot yoga class and liked it so much she has been back every day or every other day, ever since. 


After stepping on the scale in January, she says that she knew she needed to make some changes.  She started a plan to lose weight by initially making better food choices but new it would be important to incorporate exercise to meet her weight loss goal.  She never thought about yoga, especially hot yoga as a way to get fit. 

Jami says that yoga is so different from other forms of exercise.  “I come to class knowing that I will get sweaty and will leave feeling like I had a great cardio workout but it’s more than that…I like it because each class is different and we practice different asanas (poses) each time so it gives you the chance to get the most out of each asana.  And the great part is that it’s my practice.  I’m not competing with anyone.  I am so excited to learn more!  I watch YouTube videos to learn and practice at home.  In class, we are asked to look at ourselves in the mirror, to use it as a teaching  tool for getting alignment correct and also a place to focus – at our third eye.  In the beginning I couldn’t do that…I couldn’t look at myself because I was so sad that I had let my body and my health get so bad – so out of shape.  I could barely do the first classes.  It was hard to bend over let alone touch the floor.  I hadn’t moved like this in years.  I was in a terrible cycle of non-movement and negative thoughts.  After the very first class I felt great mentally and physically!  I kept telling myself that I could do this, and I will do this.  I am doing this.  I have lost about 50 pounds so far, and I am still toning my body like I never thought possible!  My fibromyalgia is 80% better- I believe it’s because of the physical and mental benefits of hot yoga.  It has changed my life!  I love what Ginny, one of the teachers, says…‘Yoga is a practice, not a perfect’. 


September 2014

January 2014


I try to carry that out of the studio each time I leave.  I believe my practice is in fact a practice for real life situations, and it is constantly encouraging me to excel in different areas of my personal and professional life.  I am living proof that if you set your mind to something, and surrender yourself to it, you will reap the benefits".

Jordan Jorstad 


"Practicing yoga almost everyday, both on and off the mat, reminds me to be present in the moment and not focused on things that have already happened or things that might happen. Yoga reminds me to try and remove the ego from my life and be at peace with where I am and who I truly am. I see yoga as a life long practice for both my body and mind and am excited to see where my practice will take me." Jordan Jorstad






Rachel Miller


"Last May when I found B1 I didn't know that I had been searching for something until I found it. I had done yoga before in college, but not since, and immediately I remembered how much I loved and missed it. Yoga has brought me an ability to connect with my body like never before - physically, emotionally and spiritually. I find myself "craving" yoga practice so that I am able to quiet my busy mind and focus on my inner self. I'm in a profession where I give of myself daily, which is both rewarding and at times challenging. Yoga gives me an ability to take care of myself and recharge so that I am able to continue to work on being the best version of myself. At this point, I find myself utilizing yoga theories into my professional practice and am planning to attend teacher training in order to continue to incorporate yoga into every aspect of my life. I hope everyone finds something for themselves in order to bring peace, patience, acceptance and so many more wonderful things. And I hope they find YOGA! Namaste."