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B-1 Summer Challenge 2021

Our summer challenge has been an annual event for three years up until Covid last year.  We are excited to bring it back again!


All you have to do is complete 30 yoga classes at B1 Yoga between June (now!) and September 15th to win a FREE cool t-shirt/tank
We understand some of you have school and vacation however we will let you start as soon as you can. Just come in and sign up and start your classes today!  We just ask for a 3-month commitment. If you can't do 3 months let us know. We want to make this fun and possible for everyone who enjoys a good challenge!  


Check out our NEW Summer Schedule! And don't forget to sign up at the studio front desk to participate
and invite a friend too (and check out our Tribe Group Discounts)!


Cally and B1 Yoga Instructors