You want a little gym time and yoga time, we get it. We believe that True Fitness is great place to get your cardio and maybe a little more strength. Yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength, improves respiration and vitality. Going to the gym improves cardiovascular fitness and strengthens our heart and lungs. Espcially if you are a long distance runner. By partnering with True Fitness, we are hoping to give you the best of both worlds. 

Special Volv Member Discount
5 Classes....$60
Unlimited Joint Autopay....$63
Special B1 Member Discount 
Day Pass....$8
Unlimited Joint Autopay....$36

Present your True. card at our check in.  We will check each others records to verify memberships on a regular basis.  Please respect this opportunity and if you are found to not be a valid member during the check in, you may be banned at both locations.