Brand new to yoga? We pride ourselves on having successfully worked with a lot of new yogis since we have opened.  We understand that coming into a yoga class can seem intimidating and overwhelming.  Most people are not naturally flexible and some think that yoga is bending yourself into a pretzel from a headstand.  Yoga is actually quite the opposite, and the majority of the postures are actually accessible and come with modifications. You can come in with various health conditions and if you have the desire to work and grow, yoga is the place for you.   If you are working through an injury or not sure if you are ready for a class, we offer Privates.  Just $50 for the first class.

Best Classes to Start:

  • Yoga 1.0  our slowest moving class but according to some of our yogis the fastest moving 45 minutes of the day.  Started as Yoga for Golfers and probably one of our more diverse classes with a good number of men and women.  Not your typical 20-40 year old scene of yogis with no handstands or headstands.  Just the basics. Surprisingly this group likes the warmer room and is typically in the low 90's. They believe the heat has helped them relax, move and relieve some areas of pain and tension. 

  • Yoga Express (Noon)  Heat is in the 80's and is an all levels Flow class and is just 45 minutes. It's over before you know it!  It will flow with Sun A's and Sun B's, core, balancing, strengthening and a 5 minute savasana.  You will feel fresh and rejuvenated.  Remember we have showers!  However many change return back to work and find this to be a nice substitute over an afternoon walk. 

  • Yin  slow and lots of holding. Great for joints, ligaments and muscles.  If you are constantly beating up your body with running, weights and strenuous exercise this class might be the perfect counter balance. 

  • B-26/BPM/HOT YOGA  Great class if you are intense and want heat and a good workout with modifications.  Not as much movement, just a good intense stretch. Your body and mind will feel amazing after.


We recommend any open class, however if you DO NOT like heat or not sure about the heat, do a flow type class first.  The B-26 and BPM class are over 100 degrees.  The Flow classes are all in the high 80's, low 90's.  The pace might differ and the people in the class will be at different levels.  However you are welcome in any class.  We will always give verbal ques and offer adjustments where we can.  If you can come in and leave your ego at the door, we will walk you through a yoga class.  You might be shocked at what you can do!

We look forward helping you make yoga a part of your life!

-Cally, Owner & Instructor, B-1 Yoga

10 Reminders for Every Beginning Yoga Student...


1. It doesn’t matter how flexible or inflexible you are. Really. Being flexible won’t make you happier. There’s no prize.  Stop suffering and learn to love the body you have!


2. Don’t get hung up on how you look in a pose. Everyone else in class is focusing on their own pose. They don’t care how you look!  Let this be your first lesson in ego management.


3. It’s OK if you don’t know what the Sanskrit words mean.


4. Its not religious—unless you want it to be. Your practice should be unique to you. You’re allowed to make it as spiritual, religious, fitness oriented (or not) as you want.


5. Yoga is an art form, a science, a lifestyle and a philosophy. But more than anything, it’s a way to get to know yourself better. And that’s something that benefits us all.


6. Everyone gets the left and right sides mixed up sometimes. Don’t be embarrassed when this happens. If your teacher corrects you, just smile. There’s a good chance she’ll say “left” when she means “right” later in the class.


7. It’s cool to fall down.  It’s how you learn. Laugh at yourself and move on!


8. No one cares if you can do a handstand in the middle of the room, or touch your foot to the back of your head, or some other advanced pose. Just start where you are, and your practice will build over time. You’ve got the rest of your life to master the poses — for now, just breathe.


9. Your teacher wants you to ask for help. No one understands the temptation to hide in the back row and pretend to be invisible more than I do. But believe me when I say yoga teachers LOVE to answer your questions. Your teacher really wants to help you with your pose, answer your question about philosophy or explain what that Sanskrit word means. So if you don’t understand what’s going on, ask!


10. Keep coming back. When you’re new to anything there will be moments of frustration and discomfort. Despite what you might see on TV commercials, hot yoga is usually not the same as going to a spa to get pampered. It’s hard work. It can be exhausting — physically, mentally and emotionally. At times you will want to throw up your hands and quit (or at least curse out your teacher for making you hold that pose you hate). Don’t. This is where the healing happens. Breathe into it, and come back tomorrow.

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We understand that you maybe need to cancel and you can do this easily from the app by looking at your class list.  If we need to cancel, it is also easiest through the app.  Please provide your cell number so we can text you if we have any cancellations. 

We also have a cancellation policy of 2 hours before class and by 9:00 pm the night before for 5:00-7:00 am classes.  The system will charge you $10 if you cancel or don't show for your class. 

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