1st Week



"I can't even touch my toes!"

"I did yoga once and hated it!"

"Hmmm yoga? Not sure it's for me!"

We offer this FREE Week to area locals* for a number of reasons! Sometimes starting at a new studio or being brand new to yoga can be intimidating or seem overwhelming. We want to give you a chance to come check us out with no pressure or commitment. We also believe that every yoga class and instructor are different so we want to allow you to check it all out before you sign up. A week can give you a lot of insight into what we are about and who we are. Then from there you can make your decision to join us or not. There's so much to gain by trying, and if we aren’t the right fit, it's FREE!
We have a lot of confidence that you will be pleasantly surprised :)
Click on SCHEDULE and follow the steps to sign up.
If you aren't sure about a group class yet but want to learn about yoga, consider a PRIVATE with us.

*All locals (within a 35 mile radius of the studio) must present an ID or piece of mail to qualify for the Free week. If you are home for the holidays or traveling through, call us to set up a special discount week rate!