"I'm just not sure about this yoga stuff!"

"I can't even touch my toes!"

"I did yoga once and hated it!"

"Hmmm yoga? Not sure it's for me!"

"I'm not sure that I look like a yoga person!"

We offer this FREE Week to area locals for a number of reasons!  There is an image that yoga is about headstands and crazy poses that you see in the media.  This is not true and we want to show you that yoga at B-1 is about movement and taking the time to be with yourself.  We also believe that every single yoga class, place and instructor is different.  A week can give you the time to explore our offerings and instructors at B-1 Yoga.  There's so much to gain by trying and if it's not for you, it's FREE! 


We have had lots of people come in to try it and find out that they can do this and they actually love it!


Click on SCHEDULE and follow the steps to sign up.  If you aren't sure about the group class thing but want to learn about yoga, consider a PRIVATE with us.  It's $50 for the first hour!

All locals must present ID or piece of mail to qualify for the Free week.  Please respect this offering.  If you are home for the holidays or traveling through our $15 and $10 (for youth) drop in rates are great deals!