You can find professional athletes in almost any sport from golf to football advocating yoga as a part of their training and success.  Some include Lebron James, Russell Wilson to name a few.  

Dubuque Fighting Saints (USHL Hockey)

B-1 Yoga partnered with the Dubuque Fighting Saints for the 2015-2016 season. The coaches Jon Lammers and Oliver David decided to offer yoga to their hockey players and had their players attend once a week for a 45 minute hot yoga class where the focus was on the hips and shoulders.  In just one class a week, they noticed reduced pain and a season of virtually no injuries. They credit this success to their experience at B-1 Yoga.

Oliver David, as the Saints coach, felt like the yoga broke up the monotony of the week with training. Also, yoga gave the players a more broadened athletic experience and taught them how to heal their own bodies and find relief from pain. Yoga is a great stress reliever for any athlete, no matter the sport.

Hunter Miska (Dubuque Fighting Saints)

The goalie, Hunter Miska, credits his successful season to his yoga practice. Hunter was awarded the USHL Goalie of the Year award in 2016.  Hunter says about his experience at B-1 Yoga, "I couldn't have been more happy with the outcome I got from yoga this hockey season. Mentally and physically yoga has helped improve me as a person and a player. I am very happy I was able to have the opportunity to work with B1. I highly recommend you give it a try and see for yourself."

Pictured: Hunter Miska from the Dubuque Fighting Saints Hockey Team
Pictured: Kordell Stillmunkes

 Kordell Stillmunkes (Cuba City High School Football and Track-2016)

Kordell was featured as the September 2016 TH Athlete of the week as a junior running back, quarterback and linebacker.  Kordell is also a 2 time medal winner in track and field.  Kordell started attending hot yoga classes in the Spring of 2015 and just after the first session Kordell could feel the benefits.  "I just feel lighter, more open and alert after yoga."


Kordell feels even more confident in his decision to bring yoga into his routine after attending the University of Iowa football camp in the Spring.  The recruiters were open in letting them all know that look for bend, balance and burst in their football players.  We are excited to be a part of Kordell's athletic career! 

Brian Westemeier (Working towards
a Class: A Membership to Club Pro)

The Yoga for Golfers class (started in the spring of 2016) is something that I recommend to golfers of all ages and skill levels.  It's great not only for flexibility and core strength for your golf game but also for improving your mental concentration on the golf course.  These yoga classes speak for themselves when it comes to rehab and injury prevention.  Before starting her program I had chronic low back pain and after only two weeks of classes the pain had subsided and was no longer a factor in my golf game or everyday life. I highly recommend Cally and her staff at B-1 for all your Yoga needs.


McKenzie May (USA Volleyball Team)

McKenzie has been practicing yoga at B-1 since the summer of 2014.  

Pictured: McKenzie May leading the USA Volleyball team in yoga as a warmup!
Pictured: Brian Westemeier