B-100 Lifestyle Challenge


Complete 100 Classes in 365 Day period, and Receive a FREE embroidered B-1 Yoga Jacket!

We encourage yoga as a part of your daily lifestyle and believe that 2-3 days a week minimum is a great start to truly changing your life.  We want to help you on your journey to getting more regular yoga practices so we created our B100  challenge as an incentive.  Come put your name on our giant white board and feel the reward every time you get to put an X by your name for attending another class.  If you fall off the wagon no worries, you have a full year to complete the challenge and we are always here to help pick you back up and get you started again.  With several classes 7 days a week it is SO easy to make this goal a reality!


Download our sign up sheet here for rules and details or fill one at the studio!