Aroma Flow

This class is wonderful because it combines our traditional vinyasa flow with essential oils.  Our instructors will take you through movement but then bring you down to pause and talk to you about the benefits of certain essential oils.  There may be gentle touch offered as well for those who want it to help enhance positive and relaxing effects of the oils.  Heated between 95-99 degrees with 30-35% humidity.  Another great option for beginners and those that want to learn things beyond the poses of yoga.

Awakening Yoga Flow

Awakening yoga is a modern yoga system designed to honor the ritual of traditional yoga with a practical and functional approach to the asana, or poses, in yoga.  It will definitely be a unique flow and you will challenge yourself in different ways, yet it is an all-levels class that offers modifications to the more challenging poses.  Heated between 95-98 degrees with 30-35% humidity.


This class is a traditional hot yoga sequence made popular around the world by Bikram Chaundry. It consists of 26 hatha style asanas done in a room heated to 108 degrees with 40% humidity. The class is designed to be healing and therapeutic and is done without a down dog or Chaturanga. All experience levels will find this class accessible yet challenging. 75 minutes as we go through the sequence twice.

Candlelight Yin Yoga

This class offers a beautiful balance with meditation, release, and finding space in your body.  It’s at 7:00 pm and the room is "lit" with our LED candles to make the experience even more calming and magical.  Yin holds stretches that allow the body and fascia to release and let go.  It incorporates props and blocks to make everybody feel comfortable no matter where their body is at.  It is another awesome choice for beginners too.  Not heated

Flow 1.5

This is a traditional vinyasa flow class.  You will be guided through Sun Salutation A and B with poses that include balancing, twisting, and core/spine strengthening. The room is heated in the upper 90’s with 30-35% humidity.  All experience levels are welcome.  Be sure to check out all our different instructors who teach it too.  Mae may give you a little extra core work in that first high plank ;), while Nichole may give you her fun sequencing that brings you into a moving meditation.  No two classes are the same!

Flow 2.0 

This class is just like a Flow 1.5, except that we may offer some more challenging options or an arm balance.  BUT, anything can still be modified and we always offer easy alternatives.  Some of our yogis like to make sure new poses that can grow their practice are offered as they expand their yoga, and this is a great option for that.

Happy Hour Yoga

Start off your weekend with a feeling of happy in our fun and upbeat happy hour flow.  This class is perfect for right after work on a Friday as it starts at 4:00 and goes 45 minutes so you can be on your way to the rest of your plans. This flow 1.5 class will bring good vibes and good times to all that attend.  Heated between 95-98 degrees with 30-35% humidity.


Hip-Hop Yoga Flow

The lights stay low, the music stays up, the heat is set between 100-103 degrees, and you get to release and have a little fun!  We go through 3 sequences 3 times.  First time is slow and the next two are breath to movement and then at the end it all comes together for one big breath to movement sequence.  Yes, song requests are always taken ;)


Lit Fit

This class is 50 minutes of yoga flow, but with cardio bursts and some pilates moves mixed in.  The room is electrified by pulsating colored ground level lighting that was purchased specially for this class.  The room will be heated between 98 and 102 and you are sure to get an awesome playlist to go with getting your sweat on.  


Sunrise Flow

This class is a perfect flow to awaken the body with traditional Sun A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s that moves breath to movement and gets you ready to take on the day.  45 minutes long and heated between 96 and 99 degrees with 30-35% humidity.  Come move and flow this summer and then step outside to the warm sun shining down on you.  

Tapas Flow

This sequence was designed by our own Holly Flood. The room is heated between 95-99 degrees with 30-35% humidity. It is a set sequence that never changes.  Tapas is the building of internal heat and this is what you will do as you move and flow through the poses that build off each other.  You start off slow and as you add on, what you already did becomes breath to movement.  It’s definitely a community favorite!

Vinyasa Core Flow

This class will take you through a vinyasa flow and move your body through breath to movement poses, but it will have a little extra core work added in.  Planks, side planks, some light backbends and hip work… It has the goodness to keep your core strong.  This class will be heated between 95 and 99 degrees with 30-35% humidity.  All levels welcome because modifications are always offered, but it will definitely offer more challenging options if you choose to take them.


Yin Flow

Find the perfect balance between Yin and Yang in this class that captures the best of both yoga worlds. Begin your practice with a slow, 30-minute flow, followed by a restorative and meditative stillness in yin. The room is lightly heated, with candles helping illuminate your practice.  Another perfect option for beginners.


Yin Nidra

The class starts with a few yin yoga poses to stretch and relax the body. Once we have done that, we will then stretch and relax the mind in a yogic sleep state known as 'Yoga Nidra'. During the Nidra, our minds slow down and come into a theta state, which helps the body and mind heal.  It’s a perfect way to end your Sunday before going into a new week and is one more great option for beginners or those that want the benefits of yoga without all the physical poses.  Not heated


Yoga 1.0 (AKA 1.0 Flow)
for beginners and for joint health

This class quickly became known as our golfer’s club class because all the guys joked that they didn’t think they could do yoga but quickly learned how much it benefited them.  This is a class that all levels will benefit from but is definitely a great choice for beginners.  We move slowly and break down the poses.  It is only lightly heated and you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Yoga Experience

Dig deeper into your yoga practice with a full yoga experience.  With a new theme every week, we dig into things like astrology, chakras, letting go, tuning into your senses.  You’ll show up curious and leave with so much more than just a physical practice. Heated between 95 and 98 degrees with 30-35% humidity.

Yoga Express

Perfect class for the lunch hour.  This class is not heated so you don’t get too sweaty and can get back to work or on with your day.  It goes through a vinyasa flow but tends to be a little less rigorous and is more of just a nice way to move your body and reset midway through your day.  45 minutes. All levels and perfect for beginners.

Yoga + HIIT

First you get the yoga flow and then you get the total body workout.  It's a half and half class that is sure to get your sweat on.  We start with a traditional vinyasa flow that will get us warmed up and loosened up and then we go into the HIIT portion that is a combination of cardio bursts, body weight exercises, and some moves that use lighter weights for strengthening and toning.  Then it comes back together for a nice yoga stretch before you leave.  Room is heated between 100-103 degrees.  All levels welcome as modifications are always offered.

Yoga Jams

From The British Invasion to funk, classic rock, country, disco, R&B, pop hits and everything in between. Each week, embrace your inner groove with a new, heated yoga flow set to a carefully curated playlist of your favorite jams. Let's get down, dog!  Heated between 95 and 98 degrees with 30-35% humidity.  All levels vinyasa flow with some extra great tunes to accompany

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