We understand that it can all be a bit overwhelming. We know we have a lot of different classes to choose from. Here’s some suggestions of our more beginning or easier classes. However.our Flow 1.5 classes offer modifications for everybody and our instructors are trained to help you and make you feel comfortable no matter what class you choose. Remember to leave your ego at the door and listen to your body. Child’s pose and rest is always available no matter what the class, as well as taking the easier option offered in class.

Best Classes to Start:

  • Yoga 1.0  our slowest moving class but according to some of our yogis the fastest moving 45 minutes of the day. Started as Yoga for Golfers and probably one of our more diverse classes with a good number of both men and women of all different age groups. This class is all about the basics. This is a warm class typically in the low 90's. Heat can help relax, move and relieve areas of pain and tension. 

  • Yoga Express (Noon)  Not heated, vinyasa style flow class, and just 45 minutes. It's over before you know it! It will flow with Sun A's and Sun B's, core, balancing, strengthening and a 5 minute savasana. You will feel fresh and rejuvenated. Remember we have showers to go back to work! 

  • Yin  slow and lots of holding. Great for joints, ligaments and muscles.  If you are constantly beating up your body with running, weights and strenuous exercise this class might be the perfect counter balance.


Just because these are recommended for beginners, don’t discount all our other fun class offerings. I mean Hip Hop Yoga Flow may be your thing. You never know if you don’t try ;)

10 Reminders for Every Beginning Yoga Student...


  1. Go slow. Be patient with yourself

  2. Breathe. Breathe is the most important part of your practice and will also calm your nervous system

  3. Get a suitable mat. It helps. We can help you pick one!

  4. Release expectations and remember comparison is the thief of joy

  5. Forget what you think the posture should look like. Focus on you and listen to your body

  6. Remember: how you do one thing is how you do everything. Show up to your mat open and ready to learn

  7. Focus on your foundation. The rest will come. Everyone starts somewhere

  8. Shavasana is the best part. Never be in too much of a rush to get out of here that you skip the yoga nap

  9. Accept that you are a beginner and be proud of yourself to starting

  10.  Have fun and enjoy the yoga journey

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We ask that you are respectful of other yogis and try your best to remember to cancel a class if you can’t make it to allow others to have that spot. Downloading our app to your phone makes that SO easy to do

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