Build your Tribe

We want to encourage a regular yoga practice and we believe in community. This is why we offer a "buddy system" or "tribe" discount program for our yogis! We encourage you to sign up with your friends and bring new people into our yoga community and, in return, we will reward you with a discounted membership.

Group Rate/ "Tribe Rate" Terms & Conditions
  • Group rates apply to 3 or more yogis. (You + 2)

  • All group members must sign up for autopay for a 3 month minimum. Can cancel anytime after that. 

  • Must be part of referring people to join you. It’s not someone you meet already at B1. However, if someone brings you in who is a member already, of course you can join their tribe! 

  • Must have 3 minimum group members to maintain group discount. Can be more and can continue to add to it. If someone drops out and that takes you to under 3 we give you a month to replace them before rates change.

  • No need to attend classes together 

  • Can mix and match within different price options- youth and adult. So invite your friends, coworkers, and family to join you!

  • Questions? Email us at or call Krissy at (563) 495-0464

Download the following files to sign up your group/tribe for discounted memberships or sign-up in studio!